Hammarlund SP-600-JX Lives!

You would not recognize this old girl from the basket case rig I picked up last month in Dayton! Thanks to the wealth of information archived on the Hammarlund List (qth.net) I managed to resurrect the rig with just a few pieces from a "parts rig" that was part of the deal. It was already re-capped so most of the work was cosmetic. I did have to realign the bandswitch turret as some knucklehead had it way off. All tubes were shot as well.

After complete disassembly and a nice bath, I stripped the panel and had my paint store mix the new color . The lettering was applied with DAP Latex caulk (believe it or not). Several coats of paste wax sealed the caulking and provided a very tough finish. I repainted the dial escutcheons and s-meter and polished the knobs. It only took a slight alignment and the rig plays exceptionally well.

I located the proper knob for the bandswitch and it was installed after these pictures were made.

Update: November 2001:
Bob Peters, K1JNN, liked the SP-600 so much he traded me a 51J-4 for it!

More new stuff......

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